Get involved

Become involved in the work of Inclusion Europe

‘Inclusion Europe is an exciting community working for people with intellectual disabilities and their families all over Europe’.

Inclusion Europe is the only democratic representation of people with intellectual disabilities and their families at European level.
We campaign for better lives, better rights and better services.
To do this work well, we need many active people and organisations.

People can join and participate in our work in many different ways:

  • They can choose to get information about what we do.
  • They can join discussions on different subjects.
  • They can join meetings, conferences, working groups and study visits.
  • They can give us donations to carry out our work.
  • They can become our members.

Be informed

Inclusion Europe publishes many different things.
You can read our publications.
You can also subscribe to our newsletter e-Include.
You can subscribe to our general mailing list.
You can also subscribe to our mailing list for self-advocates
to receive our easy-to-read newsletter “Europe for Us“.
You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
Please use this information to tell your friends and colleagues about Inclusion Europe and our work.


Tell us what you think

We value your opinion and perspective.
You can share your views and ideas with us in discussions on Facebook.
Or simply contact us by e-mail or post.

Come to our meetings

Inclusion Europe organises events in many countries and languages.
Certainly, you will find events that are interesting and accessible for you.
Join our discussions and learn from the experiences in other countries.
Participate in Working Groups and Study Visits.

Help us financially

People with intellectual disabilities, their families and their organisations need money to fight for their rights.
The same is true for Inclusion Europe.
We need money for our projects.
We need money to help self-advocates to speak up for themselves.
If you want do donate money for our work, please donate now.

Become our member

The European voice of Inclusion Europe is only as strong as its members.
We need people and organisations to join our network to have a stronger voice.

  • Organisations working at national level can become full members.
  • Self-advocacy organisations can become self-advocacy members.
  • Local and regional organisations can join as well.

All other organisations with an interest in intellectual disability can join as affiliate member.