Elections to the European Parliament 2019 – manifesto: Part 2

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What people with intellectual disabilities, family members and other activists can do


Inclusion Europe has made this document to help you
and others prepare for the elections. 

Talk to the candidates and their parties 

Find out about the parties and the candidates in your country. 

Write to them. 

Call them and ask for a meeting. 


At the meeting, or by phone or email: 

  • Tell the candidates to provide clear and easy-to-understand information about the elections.
    Ask them what they want to do if they get elected. 

Tell them about easy-to-read and why it is important.

  • Tell the candidates to meet people with intellectual disabilities and their families. 

This could mean visiting people with intellectual disabilities at school or at work.  

Or there could be a specific event where the participants can ask the candidates questions. 

Tell them why it is important to listen to
and talk with people with intellectual disabilities and their families

  • Tell the candidate to do things that are important to you and other people with intellectual disabilities and their families. 

Tell them what they should be doing if elected
to the European Parliament. 

You can use this Inclusion Europe manifesto
on the 2019 elections to get ideas. 

You can add your own ideas to make it more relevant to the candidates in your country. 

You can also tell the candidates how you can help them.
For example, you can tell other people about candidates who care about what you have to say. 

You can also share information about the candidates
and how they engage with you and other people with intellectual disabilities and their families. 

Organise and cooperate with others 

Get together with other people to talk about the elections. 

Help them understand why the elections are important
to you and to other people with intellectual disabilities
and their families. 

Tell them what you care about
and how the MEPs can influence your life. 

Ask them to vote in the elections. 


Work together to appear in the media and make your voice heard.
Work together to talk to national authorities
about the accessibility of elections and the right to vote. 


Cast your vote

The European elections will be held
between 23 – 26 May 2019.  

Every country can choose on which of these days it will hold the elections.

Put the date of the elections in your calendar
so you remember.

Go and vote.

Your vote matters.


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